Who We Are

The Rehabilitation Sciences Executive Committee (RSEC) is a group of students who act to represent and advocate for students in Rehabilitation Sciences. We aim to promote academic excellence and social connectedness throughout the program by organizing events, promoting a collaborative environment, and providing the necessary resources for academic success. Stay tuned for more info on a variety of upcoming social, professional and academic events!

Read the RSEC Terms of Reference

RSEC Organization

Learn more about the various responsibilities and subcommittees of RSEC.

RSEC Representatives

Main responsibilities: Lead, facilitate & create the vision for RSEC, ensuring PhD and MSc students are represented

Main responsibilities: Facilitate connections between the student body and postdoctoral fellows in RHSC

RSEC Admin

Main responsibilities: Track finances related to RSEC initiatives, prepare budget for events, maintain RSEC website

RSEC Subcommittees

Main responsibilities: Plan and facilitate events related to the professional and scientific development as well as the social connectedness and wellbeing of students in the RHSC program