RHSC Awards Workshop 2021

Welcome to RSEC’s annual summer awards workshop!

This year is a little bit different, as we are making use of both a live session (early August) and this page, which hosts lecture content for you to make use of as you prepare your application. Given the September deadlines for key awards, we hope this format will help you to get an early start on application writing and help you to get the most out of the live session. We look forward to seeing you at the peer-review/Q&A session!

Learning Objectives

1. Become aware of what’s out there for awards.

2. Understand UBC/Program-specific requirements for applications.

3. Apply grantsmanship tips to your own application proposal.

Workshop Timeline and Requirements

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Review content on this page

August 3: Submit document to be reviewed to rsec.ubc@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Summer Awards Workshop Submission

August 3-10: Receive and review your group’s documents

August 10: Peer-review and open Q&A session (9:00-10:30am)

Funding Landscape, presented by Dr. Lara Boyd

  • In this talk, Dr. Boyd outlines the funding bodies, awards, and resources available to RHSC students. She also shares her perspective as someone who has adjudicated these awards on what makes for good grantsmanship.

Application Administration and Processing, presented by Brenda Wessel

  • The nuts and bolts of submitting tri-agency student award application as a UBC-RHSC student

To view each of these videos, click here. You will need the login password, provided by RSEC.

Personal Student Experiences

  • Michaela Khan, Justin Losciale, and Cristina Rubino share their experiences and tips on applying for awards.

    **Please note if you are having difficulties viewing the videos, try switching your internet browser. Some browsers such as Safari are unsupported!

Proposal Writing Tips

  • We have prepared a set of slides to help you shape your research proposal for award applications.

Additional Resources